We here at Sanet Marketing place an immense focus on the quality of our output, we understand the vital use sanitary products bring to everyday life, therefore work in a manner to ensure the highest standards. Production firms are usually stereotyped as places that focus on output while overlooking quality, however the educated and highly skilled workforce at Sanet Marketing is trained to be better, to think smarter and place the customer first.

Therefore we send we use quality checks at each step of production using state of the art technology and programs. Mentioned below are some of these instruments:

  • GSM Checker(tissue)- ensuring the paper is of the right density,grammage and weight.
  • GSM Checker(polythene)- ensuring the package material is of right standard to provide maximum safety for the product during transport, until final consumption.
  • Laser scanner- ensuring there are no dust particles or microscopic dirt particles on the product during manufacturing.
  • Variety of weighing scales- ensuring the output weight is exact as requested by the customer. (+-5g)

Other processes followed towards ensuring maximum quality include-

  • Periodic maintenance of machines by skilled professional.
  • Employees entering the factory are allowed only under high sanitary conditions.
  • Sophisticated ventilation system in place to ensure clean and dust free environment inside the factory, benefiting both the output product and employee.
  • Highly controlled storing environment to ensure products retain the high production quality until final consumption.
  • Most importantly a highly skilled staff to make use of all these facilities to the highest efficiency.

With the technology coupled with the specialised staff at Sanet Marketing we ensure the highest standard of output to the Srilankan market.

We are also pleased to announce that we are underway to getting our ISO certification to serve you, our customer even better!